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The Nostradamus Prophecies

The Nostradamus prophecies website was put together by the best specialists on the matter.

Everyone is invited to participate by giving his opinion on the Nostradamus Centuries and other world famous prophecies: deep analysis, interpretations, posts in the forums and instant reactions when reading.

To make the study easier:
- A faithful translation of the French 1555 and 1558 publishing is offered,
- The dispersed quatrains are grouped on some objective criteria,
- An interactive dictionary of the Nostradamus gibberish is proposed,
- Nostradamia introduces the specialized search engine Complete Search.

Two special chapters are reserved for the Bible prophecies and Moslim prophecies.

 Also, the following themes are dealt with:

 Links to the main themes:


These inspirations underlie a fight for cultural supremacy but show a tiny bit of concern for the advent of the kingdom of God. Prophecies are not meant to serve the primacy of any single religion and culture over all the others. What they do is to consider the nature of mankind and consequently describe some striking events on the course of the destiny that will shape a humanity worthy of God. Instead of always looking at the world with the same blind eye, it would be preferable to resort to the one that sees. ...followed


Nostradamus wrote many verses that concern the vestals. He also mentioned in quatrain II-17 a vestal camp in Gaulle (the Roman province where France is located). This cannot refer to the Vestal temple because there has never been more than one. Building a second would have been against the established religion - as if the Catholics had built a second Vatican or the American government a second Congress. Some archeological excavations have been under way for many years within the entire area of the ancient city of Rome. ...followed

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Under development.
Soon several websites dedicated to history, cults and cultures.

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